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The Corpse Flower

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Amorphophallus titanum, or The Corpse Flower, is the largest flower in the world. It is also very rare and blooms from this flower is even more of a rarity. I was considerably lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I was given full access to the flower before the media, members, or guests of the Huntington Botanical Gardens were allowed in. The bloom lasted from 2pm on June 17 and wilted in the late afternoon on June 18th. I was there at the peak of its bloom!

Here are a few photos of the event:

By the way, you might have noticed a lack of posts here. I’m still busy taking photos, nonetheless! Come over and check out my other blogs, 100hikes.com and bugshutterbug.com!


Mojave National Preserve Photo Galleries

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Non bugs:



Joshua Tree Photos

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To go along with my Joshua Tree trip report posted yesterday, I’ve got a couple of photo galleries to share:

Travel photos:

Insect photos:


Valley of Fire State Park 2007 – Gallery

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After looking at the photos in this gallery, you might be surprised to hear that they were taken just an hour or so from Las Vegas. Valley of Fire State Park is usually lost in the shadow of the less natural activities in Sin City. When I went in the spring of 2007, I found myself alone quite frequently. But while exploring an ancient land painted in reds and oranges – without a casino in sight – I was not complaining.


Gallery Page Updated

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I was bored by the previous look of my Gallery section, so I redesigned it.  This new look combines my love of photography with my love of vintage stuff.  As with most of my graphic design work, the objects I use are photographs/scans of real items I have in my collection. You might recognize the following: a 1956 Rolleiflex medium format camera (which I use from time-to-time), a Kodak Stereo Camera (35mm) from 1958, a box of old slides I purchased at an estate sale, a 1960s light meter, a shutter release timer, and a couple of blue flash bulbs (both from the 1950s). Click on the image below to visit the new-and-improved gallery:

Let me know what you think!


Nicaragua 2006 Gallery

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My first Central American trip was to Nicaragua in 2006.  Here’s a gallery of some of my favorite photos from the 2-week journey.


South America 2004

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In 2004, I fulfilled a life-long dream of visiting the land of Incas: Peru & Bolivia. I did three treks during the trip, hiking to the famed Machu Picchu, as well as two relatively unknown Inca trails on the Copacabana Peninsula and in the Jungas of Bolivia, north of La Paz. In all, I hiked over 80 miles in three weeks was amazed by the people, culture, and sights along the way. Some of the photos I took on this trip are still amongst my favorite.  For instance, the photograph below is of a small hut on Isla del Sol (“Island of the Sun”) in Bolivia. It has been the main image on my travel website, kahunna.net as well as on my business card.  I have created a new gallery of forty photos taken on this trip, including some that have not seen the light of day the web until now. All photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot G5. Enjoy!

Click the image above to access the gallery


Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

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In the late Spring of 2007, I backpacked through Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park with a friend of mine.  It was five days of spectacular natural wonders under the shaded limbs of the largest trees in the world. Here’s a slideshow of photos:


Pasadena Fog 2007 Photo Gallery

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Happy 2009!  With the new year, I’ve written a few resolutions.  At the top of the list is to publish more photo galleries on this website.  Some of them (like the following) you might have already seen on my site, but all of them will allow larger viewing resolution (up to 1000 pixels) and easier navigation.

There is some incredibly thick fog laying in the San Gabriel Valley tonight and it reminded me of the following photos I took on a similar night back in 2007.  Enjoy!


Oregon Christmas Trip Photos

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I spent a week in Oregon with family for the holidays.  I somehow managed to fly to and from Oregon without any problems, despite the crazy storms that have blanketed the Northwest in over a foot of snow. On the coast, the warmest place in Oregon with highs in the mid 40s, it rained a bit each day. But I wouldn’t have recognized the state I grew up in if the weather wasn’t wet.  The dampened ground didn’t dampen our spirits and I spent a lot of time with my family in and outdoors.  Click the image below to view my favorite photos: