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Chile & Bolivia 2009!

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Isle del Sol, Bolivia

Isle del Sol, Bolivia - photographed on my previous trip to the area, in 2004.

In just ten days, I will be departing for South America to spend three weeks exploring the wonders of Chilé and Bolivia.  I’m excited to see for the first time northern Chile and re-visit Bolivia, especially the Lake Titicaca area (above).  I know it has been a while since I’ve blogged on this site (mostly because I’ve been blogging over at 100hikes.com instead), but I hope to update here from time to time in the next month.  If I don’t have a moment to take a break from the trip to blog, I’ll definitely post a few write up’s after my return in December.

You can also follow me on Twitter (user: kahunna), where I imagine I’ll be sending more frequent updates than here.

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    That would be my ideal vacation. I spent 2 years in the Santiago Chile area but would love to see the northern part and visit Bolivia as well. I’m a little jealous.