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Prepping for a weekend trip

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Here’s a checklist I go through when getting ready for a weekend getaway.


  • Clear CompactFlash and SD memory cards
  • Charge batteries for cameras and ring flash (rechargeable NiMH)
  • Clean lenses of dust
  • Clear GPS and change batteries
  • Change batteries for Spot Satellite Messenger
  • Charge laptop
  • Pack extra batteries


  • Pack sleeping bag, tent, and air mattress
  • Pack backpack with a change of clothes
  • Pack medical kit & emergency kit
  • Pack hiking pole
  • Pack firewood, newspaper, and matches
  • Pack cooler and beer (very important!)


  • Pack a few field guides in a box
  • Pack millimeter stick, forceps, and tweezers
  • Pack vials for temporary specimen collecting (catch, photograph, release)
  • Pack container for insects (catch, photograph, release)
  • Pack journal (to write down notes when observing and photographing insects)
  • Pack insect & butterfly net (which I’ve not used yet, but there’s always a first)