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My Journal: Lost & Found

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Over at Moleskinerie.com‘s Facebook community, someone posted an interesting thread called “What’s on your cover?“  I posted the following:

My latest journal cover is plain except for a hoof mark from a horse or cow. I had lost it while hiking in Nicaragua. Twenty hours later, a determined one-man search and rescue operation was launched during a tropical rain storm. After retracing my steps for a few soggy miles, I found it on the side of a country road, just where I must have dropped it while taking a photo of the green pastures, the grazing cattle, and the volcano looming in the background. Despite the rain, the pocket Moleskine was unscathed, except for where an animal had stepped on it. When I look at the mark on the cover, I’m reminded of how close I came to losing the most precious item I carry on my when I travel, even more so than my camera.

Lost & Found