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Nicaragua Photos – Round 1

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Here’s a few photos from my recent trip to Nicaragua:

Newspaper Seller in Granada, Nicaragua

Sandinista Car

Dusk in Granada, Nicaragua [Redux]

Portrait II - Granada, Nicaragua

Portrait I - Granada, Nicaragua

I’ll have more shortly.

  • http://www.theonering.com Jonathan

    As usual… great stuff, Kolby. At our next lunch, I want you to give me all the gory details about what you do and and what you use to take great photos….

    See? I taught you some web stuff, now you teach me some photography stuff! :-)

  • kahunna

    Sure thing – but none of my techniques could be considered “gory.” LOL

  • http://orange.pinkygirl.org SEO_Test

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  • http://flanepourvous.blogspot.com/ adelap

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  • http://flanepourvous.blogspot.com/ adelap

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