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Pasadena, California – December 15th, 2008

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I’m back. It’s amazing how you miss the little pleasures in life until you travel and rediscover them. Sunsets, seashells, bird songs. Then you rediscover more little pleasures when you get home: a comfy bed, a private shower, a personal computer). Travel went so incredibly smooth yesterday that I forgot how horribly wrong it could have gone. Saturday night, I walked the beach in the evening with friends, in search of sea turtle hatchlings. We didn’t find any, but enjoyed the full moon, the high clouds, and the rolling waves. We walked barefoot down the beach. Waves would cover the flat beach with a foamy sheet and when they rolled out, the wet sand would perfectly reflect the night’s sky.

I hired a taxi and got back to my hostel in Leon early Sunday morning. I got into bed at 1:45am and used the sum of my powers to wake myself up 3 hours later without an alarm clock in order to start a long day of travel. This was the first point of the day that could have gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t. I requested that the hostel’s security wake me, but I did it on my own. From the hostel, I walked for a bit through the silent city. If anyone was out and about at this hour, I don’t think I would have liked to run into them. I came up to a gas station and found a taxi driver text messaging from his car. He gave me a ride the last mile to the bus terminal.

From there, I took a mini bus to Managua, passing by the massive Volcano Momotombo just as the sun was rising through the red clouds. I tried to capture it on one of my two cameras, but like many things in Nicaragua, it was a moment best seen in person and difficult to capture on film. I got into Managua around 7am, and was there just long enough to thank the gods I didn’t visit the city for any longer period of time. I arrived at the airport with 2 hours to spare.

Two planes and eight hours in the sky, I arrived back in the City of Angels at 8:30pm and was in my apartment by 10:30pm.

I skimmed through my photos this morning before work and I’m happy how many of them came out. I’ll be posting them on my websites – here and on bugshutterbug.com – in the coming days and weeks.

Ok, now I have to go back to work before my bosses suspect I’m still on vacation.