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Day 13 – Raining on Ometepe

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Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua – December 9th, 2008

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Hello folks!

It has been raining here nonstop for about seven hours. I’m still riding on a happy high since finding my journal and the rain hasn’t dampened it. Many of the hostelers stuck with their plans of hiking, kayaking, or relaxing in a hammock. I chose the latter, taking cat naps in an outdoor hammock, listening to the rain, sipping on one of the two national beers – Tona or Victoria. I had planned to try to capture a few butterflies on film, but taking it easy was just as nice.

I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, hiring a taxi with a few others to cross the island, then a ferry to the mainland. I’m toying with a few ideas of what to do for the remaining four days here in Nicaragua. I’ll decide when I hit the mainland. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be fairly relaxed. No major hikes or sliding down volcanoes for me this time around.

I’ll check in tomorrow night if I can.