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Day 13 – Journal Update

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Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua – December 9th, 2008

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Hi guys,

A quick update for those who sent me good wishes for my lost journal…

I woke up this morning determined to find my journal. I started out at 8am, just as the sky opened up and began pouring, harder and longer than any time on this trip. It rained heavily for a half hour, but I did not give up slogging along the dirt road, my clothes becoming more drenched with every step and the blister on my toe causing a limp. Four miles into my hike, I saw it! There was my journal, laying on the side of the road just where I must have dropped it the day before while taking a photo. I was unrealistically hopeful in finding it, but only after finding it there on the side of a country road in rural Nicaragua, did I realize how unbelievably lucky I was. I bet over 100 Nicaraguans walked right by it in the 20 hours that had past since dropping it. It was a little wet and it appeared to have been stepped on by a grazing horse or cow, but it was in one piece!

It was a good day when I woke up, but finding my journal has made it even better.