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Day 12 – Still on Ometepe

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Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua – December 8th, 2008

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Legend says that an ancient Mexican tribe discovered the island of Ometepe thanks to a dream. My own personal discovery of the island can be traced back to a guidebook I´m sure, but I can understand what that Mexican tribe must have felt. Being on Ometepe certainly feels like a dream. I´m at the main hostel in the small village called Merida on the southwestern part of the island. I´ve switched from the shadow of one volcano to another. I took a hike with some others and a guide to a waterfall on the western face of the volcano, but wasnt able to complete the hike because of a bad blister. Bad luck continued when I lost my precious travel journal somewhere on the 5 mile road to the waterfall. It was filled with all the details of my journey thus far, including names and email addresses of those I have met along the way. I have decided not to use my camera equipment until tomorrow, just in case bad luck comes in threes. My camera´s LCD screen was malfunctioning late last week and went completely dead by Saturday morning. Funny though, I didn´t mind too much. But with the loss of my journal, I´m seriously sick to my stomach. I hope to wake up early in the morning and retrace my steps to find it.

Other than the orange with sparklers, I did get a cool birthday gift… my camera´s LCD screen magically came back to life and has been working fine ever since. Thanks, Cameron, for your ideas on reviving it. The fan in the hotel room must have did the trick.

I´ll be here for another day, just kicking it Nica style here along the shoreline. I´ll head back Wednesday morning to the mainland and maybe go to Masaya, Leon, or maybe Granada. Wednesday is way too far away for me to be thinking about trivial things like these. This hostel has internet access, so I´ll check in again before I go.