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When asked to tell their worst nightmares, most Americans will mention insects or spiders. Some estimate that up to 35% of Americans have an irrational fear of insects (entomophobia) or spiders (arachniphobia). I have a friend who is so fearful of insects, she has difficulty looking at my photos without feeling uneasy.

It is every photographer’s hope that someone will have an emotional reaction to their work. Many of the recent posts on this blog have been about insects and, although my passion for entomology photography is strong, I understand how someone might not care to see any of the hundreds of travel photos I’ve taken because of one insect photo.

I have decided to move my insect photos to a new place on the web:


I welcome you to visit this new site dedicated to my insect photography.  If not, you can rest assured that photos posted here on kolbykirk.com will rarely show anything with more than four legs.  Maybe I should post more kitten and baby photos to balance out my insect photos? Here’s a few Moroccan cat photos and pics of my niece:

Black Cat Among Boueys

Moroccan Cat 6

Moroccan Cat 5

Moroccan Cat 4

Moroccan Cats 3

Moroccan Cat 2

Moroccan Cat 1

Serene Siena

Christmas Siena 1

Christmas Siena 4