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Oregon Coast Road Trip

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Being a proud Oregonian, I was excited to have the opportunity to visit the Motherland for an extended weekend. My youngest cousin was getting married and I looked forward to being present for the ceremony. (I’ll most likely keep those photos for family only.) After the Saturday wedding, I began my road trip home, 1,000-miles from Newport, Oregon to Arcadia, California. It was a fantastic three-day journey through the redwoods of Northern California, the rolling golden hills of Central California, and the fertile valley from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Here’s a map and some photos. Click on the photos to see them on Flickr. Scroll to the bottom for a link to a slideshow.

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Beach Sunset

Gull on Agate Beach

Yaquina Head Lighthouse & Tidepools

Green Sea Anemone

Starfish & Suds

Gooseneck Barnacles & Stone

Striped Periwinkle


Limpeds Among Cracked Rocks

Lined Shore Crab

Seagulls at Yachats, Oregon

Yachats Beach Comber

Devil's Churn

Umpqua Bridge

Piling Plant

False Kalamath Cove

False Kalamath Cove

Oregon Coast

Fallen Redwood On Path

Standing Room Only

Redwoods Discussing

Trees In the Mist

Here’s a link to view these photos in a Flickr Slideshow. You can also view it in a slideshow on my site here.

  • http://www.theonering.com Jonathan

    Awesome pictures as usual… I’m envious… :-)