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The Art Lover – Baedeker’s London, 1911

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I acquired a “new” guidebook today: a 1911 copy of Baedeker’s London and Its Environs.  The previous owner went wild marking the book and I love ‘em for it.  Due to the nature of the marginalia in the book, I’m calling the previous owner “The Art Lover.” Most of the markings are underlinings in pencil, but Art Lover also provided additional information about the artwork not listed in the text of the guidebook.

Like all the books in my collection, many assumptions have to be made about the nature of the markings.  Where they using it to plan a trip?  Did they have it in hand while traveling?  Maybe it was perused while home, at the comfort of their study?  Even with the amazing amount of markings in the book – almost every page – it looks like it might be difficult to get into the mind of Art Lover without a lot of detective work.  Nonetheless, this book will make a great addition to my collection of well-used travel guidebooks and I hope to use it with my yet-to-be-opened, retrotravels.net.

Here are some scans of the book. Enjoy!

Baedeker's London [1911] cover
Baedeker's London [1911] pg116-117

Baedeker's London [1911] pg238-239

Baedeker's London [1911] pg320-321

Baedeker's London [1911] pg324-325

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