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Flash Preloader

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I’ve been taking Flash classes at my local college so I can continue a few projects I’ve dabbled in the last few years, like retrotravels.net. Here’s a preloader I made for the site. A preloader is what a user sees while a flash animation is loading. (Don’t expect this one to finish, though. If you see a watch face, then that’s the whole show, folks.)

Since retrotravels.net will allow users to explore old guidebooks from my collection, I want to give the sense that they are going back in time while waiting. Do you think I should add the “percentage complete” or a progress bar underneath the watch face? Let me know in the comments section.

  • http://www.celsius1414.com/ Robert Daeley

    I like it. The secondary dial could be a percentage complete indicator while the main hands go back in time.