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Baedeker’s Northern Italy [1928]

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One of the websites I’m working on thinking very hard about making is retrotravels.net. It would concentrate on journeys taken during the Golden Age of Travel (1880-1937), mainly through marginalia and ephemera found in old guidebooks from that period. I have a large collection of these types of guidebooks filled with interesting anecdotes and items collected during their travels to distant lands.
Recently, I acquired another guidebook. This one appears to have been updated by multiple travelers from 1928 to 1950. The reseller said he forgot exactly where he got the book, “perhaps at the Tivoli (NY) library sale or from a town member in their town-wide yard sale,” he said. I know this is a shot in the dark, but if you have any relatives that traveled to Italy named F.L. McGinnis (date unknown), Clara Laughlin (1950) or one Mr. Howard from the Bard College area in New York, do drop me an note, won’t you?

Title Page Front Cover & Spine pg 362-map Map of Rome detail (pg 236) pg 236-237