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A couple of weekends ago while I was studying an old Bingo set I bought on eBay, an idea for an urban challenge popped into my head: how difficult would it be to locate specific terrazzo found on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles by the smallest to clues? I’ve spent many-a-weekend afternoons photographing my favorite street, but only recently started concentrating on the interesting textures found beneath the soles of one’s shoes. I grabbed my camera, a couple bingo chips, and headed downtown. It was just my luck that it was something around 1000 degrees downtown, but after an hour of taking a handful of close-up shots of the Broadway sidewalks, I had what I needed. I posted the following challenge on my blog over at retrotravels.net:


Each BINGO game piece was photographed on Broadway Boulevard in Los Angeles in front of famous landmark buildings from a bygone era. Can you name each location? I also posted it on Flickr and shared it with the blogdowntown photo pool, hoping that the challenge takes hold. Eric Richardson over at blogdowntown.com has picked up on my challenge on his site, helping to gain support. There has been a mixed reaction to the challenge. Some have mentioned that they plan on going downtown with a printout of my collage to try to identify the historic urban terrain. One guy had given up before he had a chance to begin, saying that it is impossible since “the shots are are too tight to identify” and not enough detail is given of the area. Hm. I guess he didn’t see how the texture, the metal lining, and the colors of the marble terrazzo are as unique as the buildings they lie in front of. This challenge wasn’t made to be easy, folks! It won’t be solvable online no matter how well you are at googling. Get out there and take a walk down Broadway! After all, the whole point of this challenge is to hopefully introduce you to the amazing strata of history located downtown. As you pack a water bottle and a camera (I want pics!), I’ll wait patiently for you, wondering if there’s an Angelino out there willing to solve this challenge.UPDATE! ~ June 16th, 2006 – Eric Richardson of blogdowntown.com solved my urban challenge! I would have loved to see him walking around trying to figure it out. He did such a good job, he even identified exactly where I had photographed most of the bingo pieces. Kudos goes out to Eric for his interest in my little game!