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Here we go! The first entry in my website’s blog! Exciting, isn’t it?!? Nah, I didn’t think so either. I guess I’ll start this off with the reason why I added yet another blog onto the Internet. It’s simple, really: organization! Right now I’m creating/adding to/helping with a handful of projects that I’d like to share in one area, making it easy for you, the wonderful reader, to explore and hopefully keep track of them. Here’s the short list of the websites I’m currently working on:

  • kahunna.net – my pride and joy. Created in December 2001, this site is a non-commercial site dedicated to helping budget travelers discover meaningful travel by sharing what I have learned. It mainly showcases my photography.
  • retrotravels.net – a project I’ve been trying to translate from book to web for a while now. It isn’t too easy taking marginalia and ephemera from old turn-of-the-last-century travel guidebooks and webbifying them. Stay tuned.
  • eurotrek.net – also a travel-related site. At the time I am writing this, the site is just a forum where travellers from around the world can go to share their experiences or ask for advice on budget travel. I am one of four partners working on this site.
  • soundsdowntown.com – although it is not yet available, this site will provide downloadable walking tours of my city, Los Angeles. It is a partnership with Melanie Orndorff, a fellow Angelino who shares my passion for the exotic history of the Los Angeles area. This site will be used with…
  • urban-explorers.com – one of my long-term goals is to create a guided tour company concentrating in the downtown Los Angeles area. This goal is still on the horizon, but when it is ready, you now know where to find it!

All progress on these websites will be featured here on this site.